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Mars for Mayor #ShakopeeFirst

A Name You Know. An Experienced Leader You Can Trust.

Serving The Community


*29 years of continuous community involvement in Shakopee

Mayor: Elected 2015 and 2001 

Shakopee Public Utilities (SPUC): 2004 to 2016

President 2015, 2012, 2011, 2010 

Shakopee Planning Commission & Board of Appeals:  1991-2001

Chair 2001, 1997, 1995 

Community Development Commission (CDC): 1989-1991


Rev. Pond Statue Fundraiser:  To be placed next to Chief Sakpe’ statue in downtown

 Huber Park Community Playground: Raised over $250,000 of cash and in-kind contributions to fund 100% of the playground build. Completed the playground and donated it to the City of Shakopee.

Shakopee 150 Year Sesquicentennial Celebration: Fundraiser.

PROFESSIONAL: Employed by Target Corporation, Financial and Retail Services Department: 2006 - Present

Accomplishments As Your Mayor of Shakopee

Lowered city tax rate by 3.25% over two budget cycles.  Expanded Shakopee's Market Value by $500 million in 3 years • Completed Master Development Agreement with Canterbury Park: 600 market rate apartments, new corporate sites, senior co-op. Total value  $350-400 million • Updated Phased Orderly Annexation Agreement with Jackson Township • Strengthened relationship and partnered with the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community to bring Chief Sakpe’ statue to our historic downtown • Finalizing Envision Shakopee, 2040 Comprehensive Plan • Construction of new market rate apartments in SouthBridge. Total value  $60 million • Riverfront Apartments adjacent to Downtown. Total value $24 million • Completed $2 million infrastructure improvements to Downtown • Established three new businesses in West Shakopee Gateway • Approved West Vierling Acres: Hy-Vee store, new bank and market  rate apartments • Approved two affordable housing apartments • Finished Community Center expansion on time and on budget:  Expanded revenues

and reducing expenses.  

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This is your community !!

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A letter to you from Mayor Mars

Hello Shakopee


Hello Shakopee - Your community is doing well. Shakopee is growing up. Yes, we have had some growing pains over the years, however positive change is happening in many areas. We have jobs of all types in our community and more on the way. There is renewed housing growth that is diverse and inclusive, from single family homes, to new affordable units, to single level homes, to apartments to senior independent and assisted living options. We are building a strong, more prepared Shakopee for our future. 

We are working to redevelop Canterbury Park in ways that were unheard of 25 years ago, bringing to the highest and best use for our community. This will include market rate, amenity rich apartments, new corporate employers, more entertainment destinations and dining opportunities. We are continuing to invest and redevelop our downtown to keep that small town feel that we all value.  Our downtown is the historic heart of our community.  Last year, council invested $2+ million dollars in much needed infrastructure improvements into downtown. Now we are on the cusp of having $40 million in redevelopment. We are enhancing our sense of place, as now we have new public gathering spots in downtown, 2 new welcome signs that are warm and inviting along with our namesake Chief Sakpe’ statue that showcases our community’s rich heritage. We are working towards reconnecting with one of our strongest assets, the riverfront. Now, we have a new apartment complex coming to the riverfront with a restaurant and possibly the former city hall site which will include retail space. This will further energize our downtown with more residents by creating a more livable, walkable heart of our city. The West End of our community is growing and expanding. This is creating new opportunities that we have not seen in decades. We also have new life coming to the 169/69 area and the old mall, which we hope will foster a renewal of that area. Southbridge is also expanding with shops, a new transit-based apartment complex and new single-family developments. Our community is strong and vibrant. 

Your City leadership is engaged and planning long term for our future. I encourage you to take time to read and comment on the Envision Shakopee Draft Comprehensive 2040 Plan. The 12 Big Bold Ideas are based on your input. Thank you for that. We are building a sustainable community for all. Together we have accomplished much over the past several years. We have rebuilt City Hall Leadership and Staff with exceptional expertise, fresh ideas, forward thinking vision and with a customer service mind set. We continue to grow our tax base, which in turn benefits all of us. Effective efficiency, transparency and advanced customer service have been key drivers at city hall. We have worked hard on our city’s budget over the past several years. We have kept city taxes low by lowering our tax rate in the face of today’s rising values. We are taking a proactive strategic pause in regard to Parks and Recreation to complete a comprehensive review of our programing and park facilities, to bring even more effectiveness by understanding your needs and desires.  This will set the stage for future park development and help us manage our long- term maintenance expenses. 

Quality of life is important to us all. We are always looking for decisions that are in the best interest of our community as a whole, long term. We have much to be thankful for, including a growing employment base with a strong engaged business community and strong diverse housing growth. We are a strong, safe, desirable, livable community. Shakopee’s future is bright and our vision is bold. We are planning long-term. We are being strategic. We are investing into our future. We are being conservative with your tax dollars. 

This fall, as your Mayor, I will stand for reelection and I hope to earn your continued support to lead our community into the future. As I have said before “The time is now. The place is here. The reason is You”. We are putting you first and #Shakopee First.

  Mayor Bill Mars

Our Future is Bright. Vote Mars for Mayor Nov. 6, 2018

Together We are Stronger 


Corky says Vote Mars for Mayor Nov. 6th

Personal: Age: 59  Married to Corky.  Children: Jill, Chris, Rachel and Alex. Grandchildren: Ashlyn, Cameron and Kinsley.   Interests: Community service, camping, boating, reading,  cooking, sports enthusiast, time with our grandchildren. Shakopee has been our home since 1988. Hometown: Duluth, MN


Downtown Shakopee is our historical core.

DT Shakopee is an asset other communties don't have.  We have invested over $2 Million in our infrastructure.  We have approved a market rate apartments on our riverfront.   Businesses in our downtown are strong and vibrant.   We are pursuing more viatality with an apartment building on our old city hall site.  With more residents,  shops and restaurants this will draw even more people to our historical DT.  We have added an important piece of history in our Chief Shakpe' statue.  In the future we will be looking to invest more into our riverfront.  As the Rhythm of the Rails summer concert series proved our DT is the place to be. We have conducted a resident survey and reached out to over 3000 residents to gather input about the future of our community with our Envision Shakopee Comprehensive 2040 plan.  Our community has said they want a strong vibrant DT and Riverfront.

Lean more about our Envision Shakopee Comprehensive 2040 Plan

Envision Shakopee is our future - 12 Bold Ideas.

Click on the circle to Learn more about our Envision Shakopee Comprehensive 2040 Plan.  We have engaged, listened and incorporated over 3000 comments from you into our plan.

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Cick on the circle.  We are Shaping our future with Long Term Planning.   We are planning for our community long term today.